A Southern Bridal Shower on the Front Porch

Being from the South, we love anything that has to do with magnolias, sweet tea, and front porches.  When we were giving some consideration to our design inspiration for a photo shoot with Sivan Photography (http://sivanphotography.com/), we looked no further than our own front yard.  The magnolia trees were in full bloom, the abundance of rain recently had everything a gorgeous shade of green, and we were loving the view from the front porch.

Sivan Photography

The original plan was to create the tablescapes in the yard with the magnolia trees, crepe myrtles, the front porch and house in the background, but Mother Nature had other plans that day (actually that week!).   It  had rained on and off all day, and since we love a good challenge, we made the decision to move forward with the shoot and use the front porch as our backup if need be.

Inside the house was a bustle of activity by Bluegrass Chic (http://bluegrasschicweddings.wordpress.com/) prepping the flowers and creating the arrangements, while we were putting the finishing touches on the delightful desserts.  Meanwhile, outside the rain had ceased and the skies were clearing.. or so we thought.

We carried the tables to the yard, put plastic down on the grass to keep things dry, and proceeded to start setting up.  We put the linens on the tables in time to notice a new batch of clouds rolling in.  We decided to wait a few minutes and see what Mother Nature was up to next.  We sat on the porch in our rocking chairs, watched the sky, and waited.  After about 20 minutes, we decided we were in the clear and went in to start bringing out the desserts.  We literally got to the front door, platters in hand, and the bottom fell out!  We all ran full speed out to the yard to rescue the linens and tables from the pouring rain!  At that point, we knew it was just time for Plan B.

We quickly dried off the tables and started the process of placing them in just the right spots on the porch so that the photos would still have the beautiful magnolias in the background.  As our photographer arrived, we were putting the finishing touches on what we think was a beautiful display for a bridal shower.

Sivan Photography

We selected light pink linens (of course) to be the base of our tables.  We used our antique silver teapots and water pitchers as vases for the flowers, which included hydrangea, peonies, roses and magnolia blossoms (fresh from our trees).

Sivan Photography

A local vendor friend, Jennifer Barningham,  (http://mycustomcornholebags.com/) custom embroidered our white linen napkins in the perfect shade of pink.

Sivan Photography

Our dessert assortment included lemon drop cookies, chocolate filled french macarons, chocolate-orange flavored meringues, pink lemonade cupcakes, lemon pound cake, white chocolate-macadamia nut cookies, our pink ruffle cake, caramel popcorn, jordan almonds (a southern tradition!),  huge candy lip lollipops, sixlets and of course our signature gumball necklaces!

Sivan Photography

Sivan Photography

TwoSweets_07-01-13 (84)

Sivan Photography

TwoSweets_07-01-13 (52)

Sivan Photography

Sivan Photography

In the end, Mother Nature had the right idea.  The front porch was the perfect spot for our bridal shower inspired shoot.  We hope you’ll consider using your front porch (or that of a friend) for your sweet southern soiree!

Until next time… be sweet!  xoxo


Styling and Dessert/Candy Buffet:  Two Sweets Bake Shop

Floral:  Bluegrass Chic

Photography:  Sivan Photography

Venue:  Private Home

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